The Best Crossfit Team Name Ever

If you have detected a lack of enthusiasm over my Team Name for this weight loss challenge, you would be correct in your assumptions that I think it kinda sucks. We are the ‘Paleo Pilgrims’…wah. Growing up in The Motherland (that’s the UK) we kinda skipped that whole “Pilgrim” part of history because we’re about miffed still about the revolution. My point is the story of the Pilgrims and the first Thanksgiving is not taught in English schools so I personally don’t really have any emotional connection to thanksgiving, pilgrims, or turkeys, but I went with it because I’m a a team player, and y’all love Thanksgiving related things. Personally, I think that we should have recycled ‘This Jerk Is So Clean’ or some other smutty reference to Clean & Jerks, however, I was outvoted and we went with Paleo Pilgrims, which BTW, is NOWHERE near as bad as the opposing team who are called Turdurken or something. I don’t even know what that means, but it’s lame, and therefor we are going to win.

Talking about ‘winning’, I have lost 4lbs already.

But back to Crossfit team names, which, on the whole are quite lame, until my work out buddy created this UH-MA-ZI-NG team name and logo. And no, you may not borrow it unless you ask nicely and play the Photo A Run challenge.

Next team challenge we will be The Snatchues of Liberty … tah-dah!

Best Crossfit Teamname ever, #runtoinspire

Check out more of iBuster’s art here


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  1. Mi-an

    That team name is awesome!!!!!!

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