The Easiest Paleo Breakfast Recipe (Part Two)

Here’s another easy paleo breakfast recipe for people that are busy and on the go like me.I find breakfast to be the hardest meal to keep paleo – I mean, a bowl of cereal is SO much easier.

Easy Paleo Breakfast Recipe

UPDATE: You can find more easy paleo breakfast recipes here.

I make a batch of 12 of these yummy eggy muffins at a time and keep them in the fridge. I find that two in the morning is enough to fill me till my next meal, and because I make different flavors at the same time, I don’t get bored eating the same thing all week.

Easy Paleo Breakfast Recipe

Paleo Egg Pie ‘Muffins’.

This is a tried and tested recipe from PaleoSpirit, (who is awesome) that I tweaked a little.

This recipe makes 12 mini egg muffins

- 1 dozen cage free vegetarian class A eggs

- four slices of bacon (nitrate free, organic etc)

- 9 baby tomatoes

- a handful of fresh basil

- small chopped onion

easy paleo breakfast recipe

1. Preheat the oven to 350 F

2. Beat all the eggs into a bowl, season with Salt and Pepper. (Note, I tried to cut back on egg yolks and I did not have enough to fill the muffin tin, so don’t be cheap and use all of them)

3. Grease the 12 slot muffin tin. I use coconut spray oil from Trader Joes. It’s genius.

4. Slice up the bacon into little strips or squares and brown in a pan. I used aforementioned coconut spray oil to lightly coat my hot pan, before adding bacon.

5. chop up onions and half tomatoes. TEAR the basil. My step mother insists you can’t chop fresh basil and it has to be hand ripped.

6. Here’s what you do to get some different flavors:

BACON AND ONION- to 6 of the muffin tin holes, add a teaspoon of chopped onion and a teaspoon of browned bacon

TOMATO AND BASIL – to the other 6 muffin tin holes, add 3 halved tomatoes and a pinch of your basil

You’ll have 6 tomato and basil, and 6 bacon and onion filled holes.

7. fill up to 3/4 with the beaten, seasoned eggs.

8. Pop into the oven for 20 minutes. I’m actually going to lower mine to 17 minutes next time as my oven runs warm.

9. They come out like this, but you might need to loosen the side up with a knife. I store mine in the fridge for when I wake up, and they’re ready to go.

easy paleo breakfast recipe

Now if only there was a paleo ketchup and english muffin to put them in… I’ll work on that next.

Oh, and this is what it looks like when a professional bakes them:

Easy Paleo Breakfast Recipe


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8 responses to “The Easiest Paleo Breakfast Recipe (Part Two)

  1. Yum! Definitely going to try these.

  2. Pingback: The Easiest Paleo Breakfast Recipes | Run To Inspire

  3. When I buy fresh basil, there’s always some left over. This would be a good use for the rest of it :)

  4. Julian

    How long can this keep in the fridge? I try to cook all my meals on Sunday and just wondering how long it will last throughout the week.

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