Bulletproof Coffee, Iced and Easy.

An easy bulletproof coffee diet recipe. My roommate and I have jumped on the Bulletproof Coffee bandwagon finally and are starting to see some great changes to our mornings – our levels of alertness and endurance are up slightly, so I think this might be a cool new fad! If you’re new to this craze, let me give you the skinny:

bulletproof coffee bullet proof coffee diet bulletproof diet bullet proof diet

There are three parts to bulletproof coffee – 1) good coffee 2) MCT oil and 3) grass fed butter.

1) Good Coffee - The originator of Bulletproof Coffee, Dave Asprey, insists that if you use his brand of coffee (available for $18) you’re getting a much cleaner coffee – it’s clean of all the mould and dust spores which are in regular coffee due to the way it was ground and processed. The beans he used were also grown in high altitude, which has another mystical property that I forget. I’m yet to invest my $20 on this coffee and am using good old Trader Joe’s finest… and it seems to be working just fine but I’ll update this at some point when I’ve tried his ‘upgraded coffee’ and let you know if I feel the difference.

2) MCT Oil - This is derived from Palm Oil and Coconut Oil, and if you don’t have any, you can sub with coconut oil, although I’d imagine that tastes quite ‘oily’ while the MCT oil is a little more delicate. MCT are Medium Chain Tryglycerides, as oppose to longer chain tryglycerides found in most foods. According to Dr. Laurie Cullen at the Women’s Institute, when MCTs are absorbed into the blood stream, they bypass the digestion process that longer chain fats go through. MCT’s therefor provide quick energy for the body and are thus less likely to be stored in the fat cells. There’s also some research that suggests MCT Oil helps burn more calories and promote a ketogenic effect (where we burn fat rather than the carbs in our blood stream). All research is saying that MCT oil are a different source of energy for us.

3) Grass Fed Butter –  Dave Asprey has tweaked a traditional Tibetan recipe which adds butter to coffee and claims that butter contains “all the benefits of healthy milk fat with none of the damaging denatured casein proteins found in cream.” And for those of you worried about cholesterol a 2010 study by the Children’s Hospital at the Oakland Research Institute in California found that there is no difference in the risk of heart disease between people who consume large or small amounts of saturated fat. The effect is you feel full, the coffee tastes creamy, and you have another energy source in your body that isn’t sugar or fast burning carbs.

I’ve only been doing it a week, and I do genuinely like the flavor of this blend of coffee. I definitely feel fuller during the day, and have a lot of energy until 12 or 1pm when I eat lunch. More to follow on this!

Here’s how I do it in the morning:

You need:

1. Stove top coffee maker (mines a Biatelli)

2. 1 tbs butter (you can go up to three – gross!!)

3. 1 tbs MCT oil (you can sub with coconut oil and use more)

4. Ground coffee – (preferably ‘upgraded’, but I use ghetto TJ’s version)

Here’s how I do it:

1. Pack the coffee down into your coffee maker.

2013-09-17 08.29.04

2. Brew the coffee as normal, keeping the flame super low if you use one like this:

2013-09-17 08.30.58

3. When the coffee starts bubbling up, I add the oil and the butter

2013-09-17 08.39.36

By the time it’s finished, the butter and oil have melted / blended nicely together.

4. I throw it in Josh’s Magic Bullet and blend:

2013-09-17 08.43.34

5. I serve over ice:

bulletproof coffee bullet proof coffee

It’s creamy, frothy and quite delish!

So what do you think? Would you try this weird concoction?


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5 responses to “Bulletproof Coffee, Iced and Easy.

  1. Hadn’t tried it iced yet, but I started bulletproofing my mornings about a month ago. Now, standard b-flat coffee is just that… Flat and standard. Bah!

    • Are you still doing the Paleo? And if so what type of butter do you use – I thought that was a pale-no-no?

      • Kerrygold. It’s grass fed, so it’s okay.

        Yeah, still paleo, coming up on a year now. And finally starting crossfit on Saturday. Been doing lifting and conditioning with Coach, but he’s not available to train much anymore. I’m nervous, but I’m looking forward to the new experience.

  2. Now that sounds very interesting. I’ll have to check this out. It is good to see more and more people learning the truth about eating healthy and that the scientific community is starting to get behind it. Thanks for this recipe!

  3. This sounds very interesting. I have never tried but may give it a try after I come back from crazy weekend/week travelling for work.

    Btw, thank you for liking my posts. It is great to know people are reading. Your blog has awesome stuff.

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