Live blog: Ryan Gosling runs Ragnar : Napa Valley Leg 2

Did you know Ryan Gosling is a terrible runner? Me neither.. but more on that later.

Ragnar Napa Valley has been such an amazing experience so far. My first run took me to the beach and all the way back up to and over the Golden Gate Bridge.


I didn’t read the instructions properly so the beach run was a bit of a surprise,  but thanks to my bestie Chiggers, I’d done some earlier this summer so ploughed through. The fog however, was not a surprise, so I was not too disappointed when I got up to the top and this was the view!


Our first leg was super fast, we’re currently about 45 mins ahead of our schedule. Everyone is having a blast and speeding through this two hundred mile course to Napa Valley.

While we were waiting for van 2, we had time to decorate our van, thanks to Franc who is Katy Perry’s art director. So we are basically in a white van good enough for a pop star right now.


Fancy, huh? Feel free to use the hashtag #rrobh to tweet me or find me on instagram.

So these girls we met are running with Ryan Gosling. He was looking real good at the end of leg 6…


But then something terrible happened and he was rushed to hospital.


I’m told that he’s making a steady recovery. The Real Runners Of Beverly Hills’ thoughts and prayers are with Ryan Gosling and his family.



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4 responses to “Live blog: Ryan Gosling runs Ragnar : Napa Valley Leg 2

  1. Funny! Looks gorgeous. I am going to have to try one of the other Ragnars (I’ve done Del Sol 3 times).

  2. TartanJogger

    That’s too funny! Enjoy!

  3. I was just in SFCA a few weeks ago and ran from the Fisherman’s wharf neighborhood over the Goldan Gate bridge and back.
    It was pretty cool. Did you see the porta-potty in the middle of the bridge? It was a great place to run and I can’t wait to go back.

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