Ragnar Napa Valley Recap

When it comes to quality time with friends, there’s ‘spending time together’, and then there’s ‘running a Ragnar relay race’  together … both of them are great, obviously, but I have decided that the latter is ‘next level’ bonding time.

I find its the combination of sweat, exhaustion and length of time spent in a fifteen seat passenger van that really push the limits on how deep my love and appreciation for my running buddies goes.


These are the original and returning cast of ‘The Real Runners Of Beverly Hills’, we filmed season one in Portland, and I knew we’d have a blast running season two in San Francisco and I was totally right. I majorly heart these people.


And here’s me with the season two cast, new friends with an incredible shared experience of completing this epic race.

So the final leg was of course the most brutal, it involved a 4 am wake up call after only a couple of hours sleep. I have anxiety at the best of times, so slept horribly with dreams of people touching my face as I slept. We rallied however and met van two in a parking lot in time for the exchange. We were not our usual happy selves:


Andrew killed a two mile run and then I was up for my longest, and hardest leg, an 8miler up and over the valley that leads from Napa to Calistoga. I can’t tell you how much I hate night time running, my anxiety is through the roof, because you CAN’T SEE ANYTHING, I mean there could be people inches away from you, hiding in bushes waiting to jump out and touch your face. It’s awful. On top of that you can’t see the floor properly and could trip and I’m running faster to escape the face touches, and I’m out of breath, and clammy and it’s just awful.

I do a pretty awesome 8’30 pace in spite of my fear and just as I finish I feel the first few drops of rain fall and the next thing you know it’s pissing it down.


That’s me trying to keep warm and dry.

I last about five minutes and one selfie before this happens and I’m out cold for 2 hours :


After a quick shower at home we head to the finish line to cross with Jared who is our team captain and all round super hero, here’s what that looked like:

Ragnar was awesome, I loved it and the challenge.

Would you ever do one? I’m on the fence about signing up for next year…


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5 responses to “Ragnar Napa Valley Recap

  1. Great going. Well done.

    You know I swore I ran passed a guy who looked like you in Stanley Park, Vancouver. I very nearly said hello!

    Btw Jared is cute 😉

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